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Maintaining a safe and efficient transportation system is a priority for our administration. Since taking office, we have invested more than $18 billion into our transportation system, and we increased the amount sent to local governments in 2015. In fact, we invested $2 billion more into Wisconsin’s infrastructure over the last three budgets compared to the same time prior to taking office six years ago.

As you know, the prior administration raided the transportation fund of more than $1.4 billion. We worked to pass a constitutional amendment to protect the fund, in part due to these raids, and to repay the raids. These measures help safeguard the transportation fund into the future.

Ensuring safety on our local roads will be a commitment in our upcoming budget proposal. Our budget instructions to the Secretary of Transportation call for an increase in local road aids and state highway maintenance. 

Safety and maintenance will be the overall priorities of our next transportation budget, and I will fulfill my campaign promise to not raise the gas tax without a corresponding reduction in other state taxes. 

Wisconsin’s gas tax has been among the highest in the nation. Instead of a gas tax hike, our budget will focus on prioritizing our needs. To accomplish that, additional spending on mega projects in southeastern Wisconsin will be minimized. Over the last three budgets, $1.35 billion alone has been authorized for projects in southeastern Wisconsin. 

Large needs-based projects will have their designs reviewed to save taxpayer dollars while maximizing maintenance and safety. To put this into perspective, $580 million was saved on the Zoo Interchange in Milwaukee through design changes alone. This is significant when you consider a one cent increase to the gas tax would provide roughly $32 million annually.

In regards to borrowing to pay for roads, our last budget contained the lowest levels of new bonding in the last 20 years. A recent Pew Charitable Trusts study ranked Wisconsin fourth lowest in the nation for total long-term obligations. 

To maintain our good financial standing, we will hold bonding to a reasonable level in my next budget. Roads built to last for decades can reasonably be paid for by the users of those roads over the lifetime of the infrastructure.

Please share this letter with your local elected officials.

Thank you. I look forward to continuing to work with you to maintain our state’s infrastructure. 


Scott Walker 







State law requires licensing of all dogs more than five (5) months of age.  Fees are due annually before April 1st.  License fees are $10.00 for each neutered male or spayed female and $15.00 for each unaltered dog.  A late fee of $5.00 will be charged when a license is not obtained by April 1st or within 30 days of acquiring ownership of a licensable dog. 




Click here to view/download the recently approved IoH Ordinance for 2016:

Implements of Husbandry 2016.pdf



Town of Ashippun - Future Land Use Map
Requested Change at the Old Ashippun School Property

Updated 6/27/2015

Notice - The matter regarding a Future Land Use Map Requested Change at the Old Ashippun School Property will be discussed and possibly be acted on at the July 2nd 7:30PM meeting of the Ashippun Planning Committee.  The Meeting will be held at the Town Hall.

You can still review the documentation regarding the proposed change at the town hall.  You can also view it on this website with the links below. 

Feedback is still being accepted.

You can view / download documentation regarding this matter with the links below:

Download: Town of Ashippun Public Partipitation Plan

Documentation regarding the draft amendment to the Town of Ashippun Comprehensive Plan:

Download: Amendment request:  Amendment request.pdf
Download: Existing Zoning Map:  Existing Zoning.pdf
Download: Future Land Use Map:  2009 Future Land Use-Ashippun.pdf
Download: Ashippun School Site Map:  Ashippun School site.pdf
Download: Zoning Map:  Zoning Map - Ashippun.pdf
Download: Conceptual Apartment Plan:  Concept Plan.pdf












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